Spring Memories 2014_1750 Prospect Place_recto for site.jpeg

Spring Memories

Spring Memories, 2014, Brooklyn, NY, 2014, laser print with watercolor, 4 double-sided cards, each 5" x 7"

Spring Memories, 2014, Brooklyn, NY considers the images and histories that are lost when a physical building is destroyed. This series depicts 4 commonplace buildings demolished in Brooklyn in the style of hand-­tinted postcards. The reverse relays a short history (all factual) about the structure. Postcards in the early twentieth century were used for everyday communication and often depicted such banal subjects; now they are chiefly a medium of nostalgia. These pieces exploit the emotion of this antiquated medium to suggest a personal importance of these now­ vanished buildings. Though the technique used appears old­ fashioned, the images themselves are taken from Google Street View, whose slight delay in recording our streets makes it an archive of our rapidly changing urban environment.